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PostScript Type 1 Fonts
installation module for BaKoMa TeX 6/7

This module includes set of PostScript Type 1 fonts freely available from CTAN. Everything from this module may be downloaded from CTAN and installed manually. However, using this module drastically simplifies installation process.

This module installs under BaKoMa TeX 6.40 and later.
Just open the PSFONTS.BKZ unit.

List of included fonts:

  • URW 35 Standard PS Fonts,
  • MathPazo,
  • Bitsream Charter,
  • Adobe Utopia,
  • MarvoSym,
  • Brush Script,
  • Belleek (MathTime clone), [2004/02/09]
  • WNCYR, Augie, EuroSym, [2004/05/25]
  • Gothic (yfrak, yswab, ygoth), [2004/05/25]
  • LuxiMono and IBM Courier. [2004/05/25]
  • Pandora, [2005/04/04]
  • St'Maryrd, WASY, RSFS. [2005/04/10]
  • DictSym [2005/06/26]
Some Fonts has been moved into Lingual modules (in LANGUAGE directory):

List of URW Fonts

Character widths of these fonts are preciselly matched with widthes of Adobe 35 Standard PostScript fonts, that are present in almost all PostScript printers. In this reason, these fonts can be used for emulation of the Adobe fonts.

Archive URW Family Name Adobe Family Name #

times.bkz NimbusRomNo9L Times 4
courier.bkz NimbusMonL Courier 4
helvetic.bkz NimbusSanL Helvetica 4
symbol.bkz StandardSymL Symbol 1
helvcond.bkz NimbusSanL-Cond Helvetica-Narrow 4
chancery.bkz URWChanceryL ZapfChancery 1
palatino.bkz URWPalladioL Palatino 4
avantgar.bkz URWGothicL AvantGarde 4
bookman.bkz URWBookmanL Bookman 4
ncntrsbk.bkz CenturySchL NewCenturySchlbk 4
dingbats.bkz Dingbats ZapfDingbats 1

BaKoMa TeX includes tables for substitution of Adobe standard fonts by these fonts. In other words, font NimbusRomNo9L will be used instead of Times. It is probably, you will not see difference on your screen. However, if you want to use native Adobe you can install they under BaKoMa TeX.

Copying, Copyrights, Sources
These fonts have Copyright 1996 by URW Software
They can be redistributed under GNU General Public License.
Original fonts can be found at CTAN:support/ghostscript/fonts

1999/06/08 - This module was released by BKM.
1999/11/11 - Updated for BaKoMa TeX 2.20:
Nimbus fonts that are intended to emulate Standard PostScript fonts (Times, Helvetica, Courier, Symbol) have been moved to separate module. It is because Kernel of BaKoMa TeX 2.20 emulates Standard PostScript fonts via substitution on Windows Standard Fonts.
2000/03/21 - Updated for BaKoMa TeX 2.23:
Font Metrics are updated for compatibility with new PSNFSS.
To comprise PSNFSS, fonts Adobe Utopia and Bitstream Charter are included.
2000/05/05 - Updated for BaKoMa TeX 2.30:
Font configuration is updated to use advantages of V 2.30.
2001/09/09 - PSFONTS, PSFONTZ, and FONTAN was merged.
Font configuration is updated to use advantages of V 4.0.
2001/12/07 - MathPazo fonts were added.
2002/11/17 - Fixed Encoding for Pazo Fonts.
2003/01/25 - Added Belleek fonts (MathTime clone).
2003/09/01 - Fixed FontBBox in xipass10.pfb font.
2004/02/09 - Some fonts has been updated and moved into lingual modules.
2004/05/25 - Added: WNCYR, Augie, LuxiMono, EuroSym, Gothic (yfrak, yswab, ygoth), and IBM Courier.
2004/09/03 - Updated Pazo, Utopia, Charter for consistensy with PSNFSS 9.1
2004/10/05 - Added FPL fonts for consistensy with PSNFSS 9.2
2004/10/23 - Fixed Metrics of Charter fonts.
2005/04/04 - Added Pandora Fonts.
2005/04/10 - Added St'Maryrd, WASY, RSFS fonts.
2005/06/26 - Added DictSym font.

BaKoMa TeX Distribution > Fonts > PSFonts Copyright 1998-2009, Basil K. Malyshev.