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Font ZOO
installation module for BaKoMa TeX 4/5

This module includes collection of popular MetaFont fonts in PostScript Type 1 and Type 3 font formats.
Conversion from MetaFont to PostScript Type 1 font format has been done by Basil K. Malyshev.

This module installs the fonts under registered BaKoMa TeX 4.0 and later.
Just open the FONTZOO.BKZ unit.

All included fonts are shipped with TeX packages and documentation (or sample sheets).
In summary, the module includes fonts:

  • Blackboard (BBM, doublestroke),
  • Calligraphic Fonts (Calligra, Script, Vacal, La, twcal, suetterlin),
  • Math Fonts (StMaryrd, Wasy, YHMath, RSFS),
  • Astro Symbols (cmastro, astrosym, moonphase),
  • Barcodes (barcodes, wlean, wlc*),
  • Logical diagrams fonts (loggates, milstd),
  • CMPica, Punk.
  • CBGreek - 14 Small Caps (grmc*) PS Type 1 fonts from CB Greek font family.
  • Concrete fonts in ATM Compatible Type 1 font format:
    • Concrete Roman fonts designed by D. Knuth, (MF Src: CTAN:fonts/concrete)
    • Concrete Math fonts designed by Ulrik Veith, (MF Src: CTAN:fonts/concmath)
    • European Concrete fonts designed by Walter Schmidt (MF Src: CTAN:fonts/ecc)
  • Malvern fonts in ATM Compatible Type 1 font format
    Malvern is a sanserif font intended mainly for non-technical documents. It does not blend particularly well with the Computer Modern fonts. Malvern is a font family designed and implemented in MF (CTAN:fonts/malvern) by P. Damian Cugley.

1999/08/24 - fonts - first release.
1999/09/21 - cedilla glyph has been added in OT1 encoded fonts (MA??S*).
2000/02/02 - Concrete fonts was added.
2000/04/04 - sterling glyph has been fixed in Italic OT1 encoded fonts (MA?6S*).
2000/04/23 - FontZOO
2000/05/04 - TO-fonts: (concrete) dong is fixed, encoding is changed; V 2.30 font configuration.
2001/09/09 - FontZOO, Malvern, Concrete was merged together.

BaKoMa TeX Distribution > Fonts > Font ZOO Copyright 1998-2009, Basil K. Malyshev.