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LH Fonts in ATM Compatible Type 1 Font Format
installation module for BaKoMa TeX 4/5

This module includes LH fonts 3.20, in ATM compatible PostScript Type 1 font format. MetaFont Sources (copyrighted by O. Lapko) are available from `CTAN:fonts/cyrillic/lh'. Conversion from MetaFont to PostScript Type 1 font format has been done by Basil K. Malyshev with using `BaKoMa MF2PS' font convertor.

This module installs the fonts under registered BaKoMa TeX 4.0 and later.
Just open the LHFONTS.BKZ unit.

In advance there is demontration document: LHDEMO.PDF (78.5 KB) which was compiled by BaKoMa TeX 4.0 with LH fonts embedded in CFF Type 2 font format.

List of included fonts:

The font pack includes 304 fonts in T2A TeX Encoding. The fonts are optimized for embedding into PDF. The main feature is that flexes are replaced with straight lines. This feature reduces font size and look good enought both on display and on medium resulution printers.

Almost all font faces are present in sizes: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 10.95, 12, 14.4, 17.28, 20.74, 24.88, 29.86, 35.83.

Face T2A Encoding
Roman Medium larm 5..35.83
Text Italic lati 5..35.83
Bold Extended Text Italic labi 5..35.83
Bold Extended Slanted Roman labl 5..35.83
Bold Extend Roman labx 5..35.83
Roman Slanted lasl 5..35.83
Text Classical Serif Italic laci 5..35.83
Roman Bold (Non-Extended) larb 5..35.83
Unslanted Italic laui 5..35.83
Caps and Small Caps lacc 5..35.83
Slanted Caps and Small Caps lasc 5..35.83
Bold Extended Caps and Small Caps laxc 5..35.83
Bold Extended Slanted Caps and Small Capslaoc 5..35.83
Sans Serif lass 5..35.83
Sans Serif Inclined lasi 5..35.83
Sans Serif Bold Extended lasx 5..35.83
Sans Serif Bold Extended Oblique laso 5..35.83
Typewriter Text latt 8..35.83
Italic Typewriter Text lait 8..35.83
Slanted Typewriter Text last 8..35.83
Typewriter Caps and Small Caps latc 8..35.83
Variable Width Italic Typewriter Text lavi 8..35.83
Variable-Width Typewriter Text lavt 8..35.83

2000/09/01 - First release has been done by BKM.

BaKoMa TeX Distribution > Fonts > LH Fonts Copyright 1998-2009, Basil K. Malyshev.